Sunday, October 18, 2009

Palin Addiction

I think Sarah Palin has created two new cottage industries. Talk about stimulating the economy! Sarah has simultaneously inspired a legion of supporters to create their own blogs, and sell Palin merchandise - as well as inspiring her detractors to do the same thing, in an effort to bring her down.

Tonight I visited a detrator blog called Palinsgate and they follow every so-called conspiracy committed by the famous governor. These people are convinced Sarah did not give birth to her Down Syndrome child, and spend hour upon hour going over video and photographs from the Spring of 2008 to try to catch her without a baby "bump" ... It's so pathetic.

Now they are taking pictures of a supposed new addition the Palins are making to their home in Wasilla on the shores of Lake Lucille. These people obviously had someone in a seaplane fly over the Palin's home and snap these shots like some kind of enemy intel.

Sarah may be building a compound to house her staff as she gears up for her presidential bid. That's my HOPE anyway. And I thank the detractors for being so obsessed about Sarah's every move to bring us the story! Ha!

I have been addicted to Sarah ever since she was announced as John McCAin's running mate 8/29/08 ... I took about 6-7 months off after the election. I was so crushed.

But then after Sarah resigned I began following her again - intensely. It's become such an addition that I'm worried it's taking over my LIFE! I spend most of my time on as well as Governor Palin's Facebook page. Since I started following her page in mid-July, it's grown by nearly 300,000 supporters. She's closing in on 1 million fans - a wonderful milestone. We can also say: 1 million potential campaign volunteers :-)

Viva Sarah!

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