Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sarah in Salina

Before her keynote address, the Chamber of Commerce in Salina, Kan. showed a 5-6 minute video about local businesses. Many in the audience, and even folks up on the stage with Sarah at the head table, tuned out the video and were chatting. People were by and large ignoring the video on the large screen. But not Sarah. Sarah cranked her neck to see every second of the video. I watched her. Her eyes remained on the video, and she took notes about some of the people in it. Who else would give a darn? I mean the people in that video weren’t famous — they were just local business owners; some of them owned larger corporations. But it’s not like Salina, Kan. is critical to Sarah’s political future. Kansas always votes Republican for president. Yet, she gave people the respect of listening to their stories. If I were someone featured in that video I would have been impressed. Because Sarah DOES listen. She DOES care. We see it over and over and over again. That’s someone I would love to see representing the people in DC."

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