Sunday, May 30, 2010

Obama's Aloofness Bothers Maureen Dowd

Et tu, Maureen?

Pres. Obama is taking fire from his left these days. This week the vile Bill Maher lamented that Obama wasn't behaving like a real black president in failing to confront British Petroleoum over the oil spill. Cringe-inducing MSNBC host Chris Matthews called Obama's lack of leadership in the Gulf oil crisis "frightening." And in a NY Times Column, "Cocktail Barbie" Maureen Dowd chewed out the president over his dismal empathy skills.
Obama and top aides who believe in his divinity make a mistake to dismiss complaints of his aloofness as Washington white noise. He treats the press as a nuisance rather than examining his own inability to encapsulate Americans’ feelings.

Isn't it funny what gets liberals in a knot, and the funny things they say, completely unaware of their own self-parody? The vile Bill Maher plays on the racial stereotype of black men with guns -- and gets away with it because he's liberal. If a conservative told the same joke about wishing Obama would "go gansta" on BP, they would be locked away forever in a PC-prison.

And cringe-inducing Chris Matthews? The guy who loves Obama's speeches? Well, Chris, maybe this is the first time you realized that words and deeds are two different things. Obama is a fine talker. Chris should know this. He interviewed an Obama supporter on his MSNBC program during the campaign and asked the supporter what Obama had ever accomplished in elected offce. The guest was dumbstruck, as if you had asked him to calculate the square root of infinity. Obama had no accomplishments. And Chris Matthews knows it. So, why is the president's inability to plug the damn hole "frightening" or surprising in the least? Most of us on the conservative side could have predicted it. In fact, Joe Biden predicted that boy wonder would be challenged in some crisis early in his presidency. Of course, blabber-mouth Joe was referring to a foreign policy crisis, but what difference does it make? Obama has never had to make executive decisions in a crisis because he has no executive experience.

And finally, the lovely "Cocktail Barbie" Maureen Dowd, who thinks a president's job is to "feel our pain." I'll admit, as a former liberal, that was one thing I loved about Bill Clinton: the way he could empathize with anyone. Dowd waxes nostaligic for the days of Clinton, and even suggests Obama offer Clinton a post as "Feeler in Chief." Would Maureen settle for a "Groper in Chief?"

I don't want a president who "feels my pain." I want a president who gets the job done. I want a president who isn't all talk. I want a president who doesn't have to resort to empty threats of putting a "boot on the neck" of anyone. I want a president who actually has accomplishments in elected office prior to assuming the most powerful executive position on the planet.

I want Palin 2012.

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