Sunday, July 4, 2010

101 Reasons to Support Sarah Palin

Compiled by Conservatives4Palin readers

1. She articulates the common sense and practicality of
conservatism better than anyone else.
2. She knows energy like the back of her hand.
3. She is an inspiration to young women everywhere,
showing it is awesome to be conservative and a woman.
4. She doesn't give 17-minute answers.
5. Her natural charisma drips off her leather jackets.
6. She is bold and lives her life like that.
7. She calls it the way she sees it.
8. She is confident in her abilities, yet not arrogant.
9. She shredded Obama in her RNC speech, after “family
scandal” was supposed to cripple her.
10. She tore Joe Biden apart in front of an international
11. She won’t run and hide even after all of the ways the Left
has attacked her.
12. She is tougher than nails but with a soft heart.
13. She has a steel spine.
14. She makes people say things like: "We are not gonna pull
the plug on Granny."
15. She is not a D.C. politician.
16. She has sacrificed tremendously to fight for our country.
17. She leads by example.
18. She will stand with us and for us and protect us.
19. She is faithful, strong, caring, trustworthy.
20. She makes sound decisions without checking with all
voting blocks first.
21. She makes the Obama administration wear adult diapers.
22. She rose to power without the help of a party machinery.
23. She displays strength and resolve, important qualities of
a commander-in-chief.
24. She does things her own way.
25. She made history as the youngest ever and the first
female Governor of Alaska, and first female GOP VP pick.
26. She is the best person to lead this country back from the
brink of madness.
27. She reminds us of Abraham Lincoln who was similarly
pilloried as neither smart nor establishment fashionable.
28. She stands tall with her head held high.
29. She is a great leader for the hardworking American.
30. She stood up to the political establishment.
31. She is the reason many in the Tea Party started to get
involved politically.
32. She proves that real change is possible.
33. She supports fiscal conservatism, the sanctity of life, and
strong national defense
34. She shares many Americans’ values and ideals.
35. When she talks about smaller government, lower taxes, a
strong national defense, and the sanctity of life, she really
means what she says.
36. She’s the only one we can trust to undo what Obama has
37. She believes that the government that governs least,
governs best.
38. She has the right message at the right time for America.
39. She uses sarcasm to make her points.
40. She has inspired record numbers of GOP women to run
She says, “backasswards.”
43. She makes Obama, the LSM, and the GOP establishment
44. She continues to drive the political news cycle.
45. She drains the joy right out of Joy Behar.
46. She uses Obama's words against him every chance she
47. She makes Andrea Mitchell and Norah O'Donnell whine
and look petty and jealous.
48. She is the opposite of President Obama and Obama
knows it and can't stand it.
49. She is dangerous to the pundits and to the establishment
because she does not operate according to their playbook.
50. She thought it would be funny if Andrea Mitchell got
smelly, fish water on her. And admitted it.
51. She doesn't call her opponents "my friend"!
52. She fights with the intensity of a warrior.
53. Her faith guides her.
54. She doesn't shove her faith down anyone's throat.
55. She gave birth to Trig.
56. She is not ashamed to say that God is at the center of her
life, and the decisions she makes.
57. She balances self-confidence and humility better than
most anyone we’ve seen.
58. She is the first politician many of us believe is a better
person than us.
59. She is one of the few "politicians" who will do what is
right, even if she has to go against her party.
60. She demonstrates integrity, humor, humility, love for
God, family and country.
61. She stands on principle.
62. She doesn't shift with the political wind.
63. She is someone I trust with my children's future.
64. She is real - not a fake or a phony.
65. She was the same person August 29, 2008 as she was
when she ran for the city counsel, mayor, and the
66. She's a fearless principled conservative, the People's
67. She resigned knowing that could possibly have
irreparably damaged her future in politics.
68. She always looks on the bright side of life.
69. She glows with true joy.
70. She loves her family.
71. She is a mom, wife, daughter, sister, and aunt.
72. She runs, played point guard in high school, and played
the flute.
73. She is not blinded by an Ivy League degree, or a lawyer's
74. She is one of us, but with the ability to go all the way.
75. She love sports.
76. She uses sports analogies.
77. She is family.
78. She makes everyone she touches part of her family.
79. She likes to eat meat.
80. She likes beer.
81. She rides snowmachines!
82. She named her kid after Van Halen!
83. She is a citizen-politician in every sense of the word.
84. She speaks the language of ordinary people, and she does
it all with a smile on her face, always upbeat and optimistic.
85. She's almost single-mindedly pro-freedom in a world of
wannabe socialists.
86. She has common sense.
for office, and unlike Obama, she supports contested
87. She loves America – and Americans.
88. She will do whatever it will take to keep
America/Americans safe.
89. She will not stop fighting for this country.
90. She has a strong love and respect for our Founding
Fathers, and the Constitution.
91. She stands for those who can't.
92. She loves the military and knows that they are
responsible for our safety and freedom.
93. She will take out terrorists in the blink of an eye.
94. She upholds the Constitution.
95. She sees elected office as public service, not self-service.
96. She always puts the people she serves first.
97. She doesn't like to talk about herself, and prefers writing
about the people in her life that have inspired her.
98. She thinks more of the others around her than herself.
99. She walks the walk with a true servant's heart.
100. She doesn’t have an “I know what is best” -paternalistic
attitude that is pervasive all throughout government today.
101. She sacrificed her power for the best interests of her

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  2. Thank you, for everything you do for America and the future of our children!

  3. I think #45 is the only reason I need.

  4. I believe that Governor Palin knows we need her to run for the White House more than she needs to run...and she will stand, no matter the pain to herself, because she has our back! Should she declare for the presidency, we must run WITH her not behind her and we must support her with our words, our finances and our physical presence so that she knows her sacrifice has not been made in vain!