Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's Palin's Party -- And the GOP Establishment is Like a Jealous Ex-Lover

It’s undeniable. Conservative Tea Party Republicans are having a political love affair with Sarah Palin. If things progress as they appear to be headed, we’re looking at a Summer 2012 wedding in Tampa, Fla., with a fall Honeymoon through the swing states.

And the GOP establishment can’t stand it.

In fact, they’re acting like Julia Roberts’ character in the romantic comedy, My Best Friend’s Wedding, where Julia receives an invite to participate in the wedding party of her ex-boyfriend (and still best friend) Michael who is now engaged to the adorable free spirit Cameron Diaz. While in Chicago for the ceremonies, Julia – who had her chance with Michael and broke his heart – decides to win him back – while simulatenously dissing and plotting against Diaz in every conceivable way.

In a classic scene, Julia is driving a stolen bakery van after Michael who is driving his car after the runaway Diaz, when Julia’s gay confidant, the charming Rupert Everett, gives her a dose of reality. Julia explains the situation over the phone, and Rupert asks quite astutely:

“And who is chasing you?”

When Julia replies, "No one,” Rupert says: “There’s your answer.”

Indeed, GOP Establishment. There’s your answer. No one in the conservative base is chasing Mitt Romney and Mitch Daniels as you try so hard to thrust them upon us. And as you attempt to break up our blissful romance with the more-exciting Palin, you only reveal your desperation.

The fact is, GOP Establishment: You blew it. You cheated on conservative principles in the pursuit of power, and left us us to the dark abyss of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi.

When Palin comes along with her good-natured common sense, her passion, and her fearlessness, we’re smitten. We can’t help ourselves. You tell us she’s no good for us, that she’ll wind up breaking our hearts in the general. You clandestinely make up lies about her character to poison our minds against her. But at the end of the day … we’re still head-over—heels, and no matter what you say, you can’t win us back.

At this point, the best thing for you to do, GOP Establishment, is to politely bite your disapproving tongue about our new relationship …

Brush up on your congratulatory toasts … you may need them.

And work on your dance moves

Because,if things keep going like this, it’s gonna be one helluva ceremony in 2012

Update: The New York Times' Frank Rich agrees that Palin is the unstoppable force in the GOP right now.

Update II: Liberal former labor secretary Robert Reich agrees not to count her out for a successful White House run.

Update III: Even Joe Biden is telling folks not to underestimate her.

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