Friday, April 1, 2011

Sly Stallone Going Barbarian

Take that HBO! As the cable giant goes forward with Game Change, a gossiping perversion of the McCain-Palin campaign, a trio of Hollywood and entertainment heavyweights has announced intentions to film Ordinary Barbarians, loosely based on a popular Sarah Palin fan blog.

Executive producer and writer Sylvester Stallone says the action-thriller will chronicle the desperate battle to save America from violent socialist thugs and to defend High Commander Sarah Palin from backstabbing lowlifes. "It's a truly inspiring project," the Oscar nominee Stallone said. "I've made a career portraying underdogs, and there is no bigger underdog than Sarah Palin and her supporters at Conservatives4Palin. It's a cause that touches my heart."

Of course, instead of pounding away at computer screens and twittering, these onscreen "barbarians" will be launching grenades and firing AK-47s. Gotta keep the audience awake, right?

Stallone says he came up with the rough concept for "Ordinary Barbarians" after a chance encounter with Palin advisor and Conservatives4Palin co-founder Rebecca Mansour at a Hollywood hotspot. "Becky and I share a certain Mediterranean feistiness," Stallone joked. "I teasingly refer to her as RAMBO FIVE."

Stallone turned heads when he unabashedly told papparazi of his affection for Sarah Palin during the 2008 election.

Robert Duvall, another screen veteran and Sarah Palin fan, is involved as an executive producer in the project.

"It bothers me that certain people in the Republican Party have attacked Palin, like super-nerd George ... What's his name? George ... George, I can't even think. George Will," the perennial tough-guy Duvall joked, referring to the reptilian Washington Post columnist who has been critical of Palin.

"And 'women' like Peggy Noonan (another conservative critic) want to be the only woman on the dais. But Palin is like a rancher's wife. She's strong, she's direct, and she's quick on her feet."

Joining Stallone and Duvall in the project will be 36-year-old pop singer and songwriter, Jewel, an Alaska native, who has been tapped to compose the soundtrack. "It's definitely a challenge for me to write music for an action/war movie," the balladeer Jewel said, adding that she's been drawing inspiration listening to hours and hours of Metallica and Alanis Morrisette. "Fortunately, Alaska women are really can-do women," she said. "I love the state I’m from. The people up there are really grounded, really down to earth. The women feel like they can do everything. And I love it. And I like that about Sarah, as well, though I can’t say we agree on everything political wise."

Stallone, Duvall and Jewel are attempting to convince Angelina Jolie to play the role of Palin. Jolie's father, actor Jon Voight, has said he supports Palin for president in 2012. Jolie has told friends she thinks Obama is a socialist, and that his presidency is nothing but "smoke and mirrors."

Will Jolie bite? Stay tuned. Meanwhile, speaking of bites, Duvall and Stallone are discussing a potential restaurant chain called Barbarian Planet to feed the hungry Palin blogosphere. No doubt Caribou hot dogs will be on the menu.

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