Friday, October 16, 2009

The Anti-Palins and Classism

Liberals (and even some Republicans) are obsessed with destroying Sarah Palin. I've never seen such hatred for another human being. They claim that we on the right are racist for opposing Obama (forgetting that we also opposed Clinton's liberal policies) but they can't see their own misogyny against Sarah Palin.

With personal insults about Sarah being a bimbo, and questioning her intelligence and her mothering skills. Last I checked the Kennedy kids got into a boatload of trouble (drugs, rape, arrests) but Kennedys are never called bad parents. Obama has made TONS of gaffes, including his insults of police officers, lies about doctors, huge mistakes on how many people died in tornadoes .... but he is never called unintelligent.

These attacks on Sarah Palin represent blatant classism. Sarah Palin doesn't hail from the Ivory Tower elite. So she is villified. If you are so much smarter than her (or more "serious" about politics), I challenge anyone to simply do what Sarah did. Get elected two terms as mayor of your town.

Then, just as your political star is rising, blow the whistle on corruption in your own party at the highest level of state government. Run for governor against an incumbent from your own party and win. Then get picked to run as vice president. John McCain's staff said the reason they went with Sarah instead of Tim Pawlenty was in part because of her foreign policy instincts and her answers to foreign policy questions. So, now these same moderate Republicans who picked Sarah are trashing her to cover their own failures?Sarah is a rising star. She has the right instincts on America's allies -- and our enemies. She is willing to stand up to the Chinese on human rights, and question our ridiculous bans on drilling our own oil. And she has devoted supporters -- including PUMAS -- and that is what terrifies the Lefties.

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