Sunday, February 21, 2010

Answering the "Quitter" Charge: A Sample Dialogue

Over on Hillbuzz, we were brainstorming how to support Sarah against the inevitable pot shots, and the tired claim that she's a "quitter." Here's my take ...

If someone says Sarah Palin is a “quitter” ask them the following:

You: So you think Alaska would have been better off had Palin not resigned with 17 months left in her term?

Sarah hater: Yes, that’s what I’m saying.

You: Hmmm … How specifically would the state have benefitted from her staying in office?

Sarah hater: Well, she promised to serve a four-year term. She’s quit on them to go make money.

You: But how would it have benefited her state, her continuing being in office?

Sarah hater: It just would have.

You: So, what you’re really saying is that despite her administration spending 80% of their time fighting junk ethics charges Palin was indispensible in governing the state of Alaska?

Sarah hater: No, she’s a quitter. That’s all.

You: So, you’re really concerned with how her resignation affected her political image rather than the actual effect it had on her state?

Sarah hater: No, that’s not what I said.

You: Do you generally support or oppose politicians who put their state’s interests ahead of their own politicial image?

Sarah hater: Sarah is a money grubber and she’s stupid.

You: So you're glad she resigned?


  1. This supposed debate between "you" and "sarah hater" is to make the Sarah hater's of the world look venal. Instead, it makes the "you" of the world look vapid. She quit. Pure and simple. Times got tough for her, so she quit. Pure and simple. She's making millions out of office, which she couldn't do in office. Do the math. The ethics complaints was the excuse to quit. Her rambling resignation speech was proof positive that she doesn't have an original thought in her head. She answers every question with either "I want to be the best mom" or "God bless the troops". Gov, what do you think of the garbage problem is Wasila? Well, God bless the troops and as I try to be the best mom I can I will say that the garbage problem...

  2. Hey Joe, thanks for commenting. So, basically you're saying there is never a good reason to quit any job, that Alaskans would have been better off had she continued, and you approved of the job she was doing as governor.

    Great! Thanks for proving my point.