Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Quitting Response, Pt. 2

I just thought of another reply ...

Sarah Hater: She's a quitter. I won't vote for her.

You: So quitting is always a bad thing?

Sarah Hater: Yes, it shows a lack of character.

You: Have you ever quit a six-figure job before?

Sarah Hater: No, but that doesn't have anything do with it.

You: Did you know Sarah Palin quit another six figure job, her oil & gas ethics commissioner job?

Sarah Hater: No, but that just proves she's a lifelong quitter.

You: Yeah, she quit to protest corruption when the sitting Republican governor wouldn't investigate the state party chair for sharing confidential state documents with an oil lobbyist. She quit because by law as a commissioner she couldn't go public with her concerns because of confidentiality rules. So she quit to be able to blow the whistle on collusion knowing it would probably kill any chance she had to succeed in state politics as a Republican. And you know what happened to that state party chair? He was later given the largest ethics fine in Alaska history, largely because Sarah had the courage to put pressure on the governor's office and the Republican party.

Sarah Hater: Well, if she's so tough, she should have stayed in her job as governor and fought those ethics charges.

You: If you were working in a job that was costing you almost twice as much to go into work everyday than you were making would you stay there?

Sarah Hater: No, probably not.

You: Sarah Palin was paid $337,500 in 2 1/2 years as governor. After 19 frivolous ethics charges against her, she owed $600,000 in legal fees to her attorney. Had she stayed in office another 17 months, she likely would have been forced into bankruptcy because Alaska law does not automatically cover the legal defense of its governors, and Sarah did not want to foot taxpayers with the bill. Would you have been willing to go bankrupt in your job?

Sarah Hater: Well, no ...

You: So quitting is not always a bad thing?

Sarah hater: Well, she just wanted to make money and be a celebrity. She could have paid her legal fees with her book deal and speeches anyway.

You: So, she should have done her book deal and speeches while being governor and collecting a paycheck from taxpayers and attracting even more frivolous lawsuits every week that she stayed in office?

Sarah hater: No

You: So, quitting turned out to be the best thing for Sarah Palin personally and the State of Alaska?

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  1. Love it! It really just takes a common sense conversation. As long as people are willing to stop hating for a few minutes they can actually start to be rational.

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