Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Antidote

The antidote to liberal nastiness is to give them a dose of their own medicine.

They will then wail and caterwaul like you've insulted Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

"Oh, you've spoken too harshly against Dear Leader."

"You've used military rhetoric in a political campaign."

"You're not going along with our program. You're hateful."

All the while, they slander and insult you - in uncivil fashion, I might add.

Kinda like my ex-boss did moments after Gabrielle Giffords was shot. Here's what I was doing: sitting in my tiny rented house, minding my own business, playing with my three small children, planning a grocery list, wondering if the Philadelphia Eagles would overcome the recent praise from Dear Leader or be cursed like our economy ... when I flip on Fox News (yes, I watch Fox News like millions of other Americans) and to my horror I learn that a Congresswoman has just been assassinated. For 30 minutes the major networks and blogosphere reported that Giffords had died.

I was horrified and saddened. I couldn't believe this could happen. Then, miracle ... we learn she's not dead, but is in critical condition undergoing surgery. But the sad news begins to trickle in that six others were killed, and many more are injured.
Not once in all this news viewing did it occur to me that Giffords was in Palin's "crosshairs" map. Giffords' political affiliation didn't matter. I knew she was a Democrat. I knew she was a 2nd Amendment-supporting, border-enforcing Democrat who had also voted for health care legislation, and against Pelosi as minority leader. I'd seen her interviewed numerous times on Fox News. But politics didn't matter in that moment, for me at least. I would have had the same response had she been Republican! A young American Congresswoman had been shot! And six others, including a federal judge and a nine-year-old girl had been killed in cold blood. No words for the way I felt.

I don't think my initial reaction to the tragedy was anything unique. And I was one who spent six months gearing up for the midterms. I posted an image of Palin's "infamous" map on my blog, Conservatives4Congress. I displayed it prominently and my fellow bloggers and I tracked the status of those 20 races on election night.

And after election night, 18 out of the 20 house challengers were victorious. Several days later the votes were tallied that declared incumbent Giffords the winner in her close race. And that's the last I ever thought about the now infamous "map" as I'm sure is the case with most Tea Party Americans.

Until that awful Saturday, when, to my shock, I get a Facebook comment on my public wall from my ex-boss, Sean Bailey, who never contacts me via Facebook because he claims to have my status updates on "ignore." He is curious if I am finally satisfied, now that Palin's crosshairs and gun metaphors have achieved the Tea Party's purpose.

What the HELL? Satisfied? Achieved our purpose? Are you INSANE? We're freakin' in shock like the rest of America -- and you're blaming US for this massacre? Wait. I repeat ... What the HELL?

And that was my reaction. I honestly wanted to reply: You SUCK SEAN BAILEY. Or worse.

But reason prevailed, knowing that Sean is a hopeless leftist, not worth any vain attempt to enlighten or even insult, I simply chose to hit "delete" on his public comments to my 2,700 Facebook friends ... I can't even tell you exactly what Bailey wrote. The prick. But my anger simmered.

How dare Sean Bailey and his liberal ilk libel the Tea Party movement, the most peaceful movement in American political history! Unlike the vicious, vandalizing G-20 protesters, Tea Partiers respect life and property. Liberals can't point to a single instance of law-breaking behavior from the Tea Party and now they're accusing us of being accessories to murder?

And let me just say a little bit about boundaries, Bailey. I QUIT working for you, in part, because I felt hounded - even as a telecommuter. Over the long haul, your free-floating anxiety did not mesh well with my generalized anxiety disorder. Yeah, I have a disorder. Does that make me immune from critique? Maybe if I were still a liberal. But I own up to my problems now that I'm a conservative. I have a nervous personality, and Bailey would always third degree me. It's creepy. He bullies people, and I'm not the only one to notice. He is intolerant to anyone with a different political view, obviously, and his position at the company is sadly autocratic. Has been for 10 years. Best thing I coulda done was get myself free from that shit.

Now, in the midst of a national tragedy, and after not speaking to me for nine months, Bailey decides to "reach out" with his freakishly juvenile accusations. Which disturbed me more than all the shit coming from the Krugmans, the wackos at MSNBC, and Hanoi Jane Fonda.

It disturbed me because this was my 52-year-old former boss who praised me when I left, and with whom I'd had pleasant email exchanges in the last six months. We'd talk about our kids, and concern for the health of a former co-worker, the kind of stuff that transcends politics. I'd even shared the fact I'd written a self-published book of satire about the media scrutiny of Sarah Palin, and that I had been quoted in national publications as a Palin supporter. He politely feigned interest. I kept our communications upbeat and pleasant. All was well.

So, there was no doubt that Bailey's only intent on January 8th was to injure me psychologically. For some reason, when an obscure Congresswoman on the other side of the country was shot, one of his first thoughts was: Hey, I'm gonna contact Nicole and accuse her hero of murder right on her public Facebook wall! For some reason  ... that was what this "man" thought to do on a day of tragedy and bloodshed.

And yes, I admire Sarah Palin ... in the same way I can appreciate many people admire Barack Obama.. I would never hold him accountable for the actions of a lunatic killer, even though Obama himself has employed violent metaphors on many occasions. He recently urged an audience to "punish your enemies." He has compared Republicans to "hostage takers," and told supporters that if Republicans bring a knife to the fight, Democrats should "bring a gun." This is what you call "free speech" and typical campaign rhetoric, even if it violates Obama's mythical "new politics."

Political free speech does not cause violence. It helps us PREVENT violence by giving us an outlet to voice our frustration with the government, and to exercise our right to vote. This was the case during the eight years of Bush hatred on the Left, when dissent was "patriotic" remember? And this is what Palin has been saying the last year, time and again denouncing suggestions that she was calling for an armed revolution. She was calling for people to vote, and no one but the truly unhinged Palin haters could believe otherwise. Notwithstanding the fact she is a hunter. EEK! She hunts! She's Christian! Scary!

And so I decided to start this cathartic blog ... Actually it was recommended to me by someone I respect greatly in the financial business who shares my Tea Party philosophy.

Consider this my "public" response to your petulant and blood libelous accusations, Bailey. And when I say "Kiss My Ass, Bailey" I'm speaking metaphorically. Since you are a literalist when it comes to conservative rhetoric, I don't want you to get the mistaken impression that I want you anywhere NEAR my ass. And just in case you are unable to discern derisive metaphor from literally wanting you near my ass, I'll remind you that my husband has a shotgun. I'm certain that scares you.

Oh, and thanks for defriending me on Facebook after I ignored your childish post.

Bailey logic: Insane shooter kills six in Arizona. I must defriend Nicole Coulter.

Avoir, douche.

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  1. Wow... love it, but sadly can't say I'm shocked.